Teaching Gurus First Annual Back To School BBQ

this event has ended

Thank you all for attending and helping us give back to the community by showing support for Teaching Gurus.

Giveaways Update:
We will be announcing raffle winners by Friday, September 7th.

Grand Prize: 6 month Free tutoring 
1 Cineplex Gift card
10 Tim Hortons Gift Cards

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– ❤️ Teaching Gurus

Teaching Gurus First
Annual Back To
School BBQ

Scheduled to be conducted on Sept 2, 2018 at the Mississauga Valley Park, it is being hosted by Teaching Gurus Inc. from across the GTA, and is anticipated to be nothing less than a day packed with fun and entertainment for kids and their families alike!

Additionally, in affiliation with Canadian Higher Learning Academy, Teaching Gurus will also be providing free one-on-one-on-the-spot counselling toward career/educational pathways for students and their families.

The purpose of this event is to extend our support and give back to the community, with a keen endeavour to ultimately help youth make smart decisions in regards to accomplishing their academic and personal goals.

For entertainment, we have lined up a FREE community BBQ, an ANIMAL SHOW, a fun BOUNCY CASTLE, and other recreational activities for all ages to enjoy.
In terms of academic support, we are offering free one-on-one career/academic counselling to students and families to avail. There will also be plenty of GIVEAWAYS like free tutoring for a year, and other exclusive raffle items.



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