In Home Tutoring

In Home Tutoring

At home tutoring for all subjects and grades administered by top rated tutors.


Online Group

A fun and safe way to engage in a classroom, from the comfort of your home.

Private Online

Online learning directly with the best tutors for the subjects your child needs help with.

In-Home Tutoring

Families who are unable to bring their children to a Teaching Gurus Learning Center for tutoring and mentorships sessions also have the option to take advantage of our tutors who can come mentor students within the comfort of their homes.

Students can take advantage of the one-on-one program at home; however, group program can be utilized by families that have multiple children at home.


In-home tutoring comes with a lot of flexibility. Based on the availability of the tutor, sessions can be scheduled at any time and any day. The timing for in-home sessions can be decided at the time of assessment.

Any at-home program requires that a guardian be present with the student during the hours of each session. The timing for such sessions is flexible and can be decided at the time of assessment.

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We are proud to offer multiple locations in the Greater Toronto Region.