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The Importance of Quality Online Tutoring Today

The COVID-19 Virus has caused many disruptions in everyday life around the globe. Due to these unfortunate circumstances, our education system has been compromised. At Teaching Gurus, we believe that education is crucial and should not be impacted in such a strong manner. We have been working on an alternate solution for your children’s needs through the online platform! Teaching Gurus is striving to not let any child fall behind. We would like to assure all the parents that we have not put their children’s needs aside. It is crucial for them to not to lose focus in the weeks ahead, please look at our online learning options below.

The Online Learning Sessions Will Help in Two Ways by:

  • Providing academic assistance to those students that are continuing to learn at their school using an e-learning platform.
  • Providing lesson-based learning to those students that are completely out of school, so that students do not fall behind in their yearly curriculum.

How Does It Work?

To be able to enroll in an online-learning session, a student must have access to a working laptop with stable internet connection. The online-learning sessions will be offered in one-on-one and small group setting. A Teaching Gurus representative will do a free 30-minute session for students and parents to instruct them on how the online sessions will be conducted. If your child is already a student at Teaching Gurus, please reach out to your respective location manager. If your child is not currently enrolled at Teaching Gurus, please call us at 1 888 786 3067.

How Much Does it Cost?

Group sessions will be offered at various packages depending on how much help your child needs. We offer pricing starting at $200 a month for group sessions. We also offer strict one on one packages as well. Contact us today to speak with a Teaching Gurus representative and learn more about what options would work best for you.

Online Tutoring Services

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    Online Policies
    • All Online sessions will be recorded for the safety of students and tutors
    • Online class session will be in a group settings or 1 on 1 format, based off package purchased.
    • Students must join 10 mins before the session begins to make sure there are no technical issues.
    • Students are required to attend class at the assigned time and day. Any required changes must be notified one week prior.
    • Students will be accommodated for missed days if slots are available.
    • Any electronic devices such as laptops, iPad and cellphones must entirely be used for educational purposes.
    • Students may be responsible for extra curriculum material, if needed.
    • Parents are required to be present in the household while the session is taking place.
    • A tutoring session may be cancelled in case of an emergency arising out of inclement weather, fire, flood, breakdown of heating plant, the failure of an essential utility or a similar emergency, when the health, welfare or safety of children are in jeopardy. Make up sessions will be provided in that case.
    • Payment will be done through e-transfer.
    • Payment for each month is due before the first class.
    • Parents can request for the receipt to be emailed.
    • Cancellation of enrolment must be notified 30 days prior to cancelling to avoid any extra charges.
    • Late Payment are subject to surcharge of $25.

    I have read and agree with the above policies.

    We are proud to offer multiple locations in the Greater Toronto Region.