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Children are unique in their own way and their talents are special and distinct. Every child, given the opportunity to succeed will reach endless goals. That opportunity entails providing them with the right assistance and resources. At Teaching Gurus our objective is to make that possible for all children and parents.

Teaching Gurus ClassroomOften there comes a time when no matter how special a child is, they struggle with academics at school. If they don’t receive the proper tutelage they require, their confidence waivers. As parents, you want the best for your child, but there may be times when you are unable to provide them yourself with the academic support they require. At Teaching Gurus, we make that possible for you and your child. We offer academic guidance and support for children from elementary through high school for various courses.

For many parents it may be confusing to relate to Canada’s dynamic educational system; especially if you are preoccupied with work, the household, or even if you are new immigrants settling in. At Teaching Gurus, we understand, and we intend to help make your life easier by assisting your child. Our tutors provide your child with the right guidance and mentorship to not only help them at school, but to teach them valuable life lessons and skills. At Teaching Gurus, we want your child to excel, and we accommodate our teaching style specifically to every child and their distinct learning capabilities.

We guide children through course selection, or enrollment processes in the Ontario school system. We offer assistance on preparing for school board tests, such as the EQAO and OSSLT. We aim to equip your child with skill sets that will assist them in their future career paths. Our tutors are experienced in the subject areas they teach for courses your child learns at school. They also offer mentorship to grade 11-12 students preparing for their college/ university life. We hope to make that transition to higher education easier for both parents and children.

Our work goes beyond the school classroom. All of our tutors provide one-on-one help to your children. This technique is usually difficult for school teachers to provide. One of the common challenges high school children face, is deciding whether to select “applied” or “academic” courses. Both approaches are equally commendable and useful for children in respective disciplines. The following is a brief overview of the different learning strategies classified by Ontario schools:

Applied courses are focussed on preparing students with higher level college academic preparations. They focus on the essential hands-on concepts of the discipline. In applied courses, students combine knowledge with useful skills for abstract reasoning. These courses have a heavier emphasis on practical applications of concepts offering a more empirical learning and teaching approach. Useful for students pursuing engineering programs, arts, computer/ IT programs, etc.

Academic courses are focussed on preparing students with higher level university academic preparations. They focus on the essential theoretical concepts of the discipline. In academic courses students study the required material and acquire skills for applicable application. They develop students’ knowledge and skills by incorporating practical applications as appropriate. Useful for students pursuing engineering programs, health sciences, computer/ IT programs, arts and writing programs, etc.

Locally developed courses focus on providing students with flexibility and support in meeting compulsory credit requirements. They prepare students for further studies in courses outlined in relevant curriculum policy documents. Usually, there is a heavier focus on science, English and mathematics. These programs offer workshops, assistance by peers, and grouping of students in specialized programs and other relevant workshops. They also offer certification programs or apprenticeship programs such as, the Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program (OYAP).

Enrollment in any of the above course classifications affects the future career path a child intends to pursue. Depending on the region they are located in, some schools offer certain programs while others may not. Our locations are dispersed across the GTA and we can guide you and your child accordingly on planning for their future. So, join our Teaching Guru tutoring platform! Let us go beyond the classroom and help you, help your child lay the foundation for a successful future!

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