About Us

If you are wondering what the process of tutoring and mentorship is like, here is a quick rundown of how we work at Teaching Gurus.

When parents first reach out to us, we conduct a free assessment of their child’s needs and recommend the most suitable package. We plan individually for each student and tailor our services around what will work best for your child.

Once your child joins our tutoring and mentorship program, they will come to one of our locations either once, twice, or three times a week depending on the individualized plan that we will lay out.

Our tutors typically help students with their homework and prepare them for their exams. Your child will also have access to mentors who can provide them with counselling and guidance regarding their school life and career orientation. We are keen on providing someone student can always talk to and whom they can ask for advice.

We often conduct group sessions with a ratio of four students to one tutor. This allows students to socialize while still receiving the full attention they need as opposed to a classroom of 20+ students and one teacher.

That being said, students that require particular attention can have one-on-one tutoring sessions. Furthermore, we report to parents about their child’s progress once a month, and even offer to coach them to help them understand the current schooling system and the challenges their child might face.

Note that we do not have our own curriculum; we will follow the curriculum of the school your child attends. If you have any questions,
simply call us at 1 888 786 3067 and our representative will happily chat with you to provide all the answers you need.

What We Offer
We are proud to offer multiple locations in the Greater Toronto Region.