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When it comes to your child’s education, the right tools can make all the difference. Just like you want your son or daughter to have good teachers and good supplies, having a good tutor can transform your child’s learning experience. It can give them the edge they need to truly excel. Let’s get started using the buttons below!



We are proud to partner up with Canadian Higher Learning Academy to bring our students the ability to earn high school credits to work towards the Ontario Secondary School Diploma. Teaching Gurus will facilitate CHLA students registered for credits with in-class support with qualified tutors for all subjects and grades..

Unlocking Your Potential

We are here to educate and empower our children to realize their true potential and bring success in their lives.


Our experienced tutors offer individualized learning plans, designed for student’s needs and ability.


We offer all subjects from kindergarten to Grade 12. Including EQAO and ESL preparation.


We still have spaces available for your child. Call us for a free assessment test and introductory class.
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We are proud to offer multiple locations in the Greater Toronto Region.


"Tutoring has really changed my work ethic. I try harder and it prepares me well for classes and tests. I learn more than I would study by myself and I feel ahead of my class in terms of knowledge"

Karanvir Dua

"Tutoring has been very helpful for me because it has taught me how to time manage my work. Before I use to not want to do my school work but because of tutoring I like doing my school work now"

Andrea Mitrovie

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