Catch Up Program

Don’t stay behind, get ahead with the 2021 summer camp catch up program. Read more.

Summer Catch Up Program

Online Group

A fun and safe way to engage in a classroom, from the comfort of your home.

Private Online

Exclusive One on One online learning directly with the best tutors for the subjects of your choice!

One On One

Specialized one on one learning at the most competitive rates with an exclusive experience tutor.

In Class Tutoring

We offer in class tutoring in over 20 locations around the Greater Toronto Area.

Tutoring Centre

Now offering tutoring in learning centres that are conveniently located around the city.


Have access to professional who can provide them with counselling and guidance regarding their school life and career orientation. 

Teaching Gurus
Learning Advantage

Does your son or daughter need a little push to excel? We provide just that with our tutoring and mentorship services.

Throughout their school years, kids will learn new things, make new friends, face new challenges, and ultimately, decide what path they want to take in their adult life.

At Teaching Gurus, we support students in this journey and give them the edge they need to achieve both academic success and personal growth.

We want your child to make you proud!

We are proud to offer multiple locations in the Greater Toronto Region.

Unlocking Your True Potential