What is Teaching Gurus?

Teaching Gurus is an afterschool tutoring program that helps students get through school successfully. We are here to provide assistance to students in a particular academic subject or skill area. Teaching Gurus goes beyond tutoring, we go through every topic very thoroughly to make sure your child succeeds. We also offer other services such as mentorship and guidance. Find us in a school near you!

Our Vision

At Teaching Gurus, we believe in the holistic success of your child. We want to ensure that we are assisting in providing the best education as well as provide mentorship and guidance. We support our students with custom learning plans and we differentiate our instruction based on the needs of our students. Our goal is to provide academic help, support and mentorship to our student in the most accessible form.

Our Tutors

  • Our tutors are experts in their fields; they are either professionals, teaching candidates or hold a degree in the subject area.
  • Our tutors are trained on a constant basis to give your child the best education.
  • Our tutors are trained to provide you child one on one tutoring in a group setting.
  • Our tutors are tested through a rigorous screening process with subject exams, mock tutoring sessions, mentor review and third-party background check.

Teaching Strategies

  • Tutors keep track of the student’s progress regularly (tests, projects and homework)
  • We have a classroom setting that is familiar to our students.
  • Tutors provide individualized learning plans and tasks based on the child’s goal.
  • Tutors provide direct instruction as well as regular checks regarding school work, assignments and assessment at school.
  • Teaching Gurus workbook has been designed to teach and challenge your child based on their grade and academic level.

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